Stafford Museum Timeline


1965 – present     For 49 years the Stafford County Historical Society (SCHS) has been working toward educating the citizens of Stafford about its rich history. The Society hoped and still hopes that Stafford will have a first-class museum to highlight the county’s contribution to the development of the nation.

2002     The SCHS developed a Museum Committee consisting of its members along with representatives from the Board of Supervisors.

2004     Principles, Values and Educational Goals for the museum were established and a mission statement was created.

2005     The Board of Supervisors approved a resolution (R05-472) on December 13th where 2% of the Occupancy Tax would be dedicated to the Museum and Visitor Center development.

July 26, 2009     Using some of the funds from the occupancy tax, The Museum Committee created and dedicated a 44-foot long “History Wall” in the new Stafford Hospital.

44 ft history wall, Stafford hospital

2009     Stafford Museum and Cultural Center Foundation, Inc., was formed, as directed by the Board of Supervisors in the 2005 resolution which stated that the Museum Committee apply for a non-profit status. It became a 501(c)3 organization and continued to work toward educating the community as well as the nation.

October 2012     A Facebook page was created with over 400 pictures and paragraphs describing Stafford’s past and highlighting historical events. At the current time the Facebook account has over 500 “likes” with usually 1,000 – 2,000 hits a week.

March 2014     The Foundation, along with SCHS and Gari Melchers Belmont, hosted “Stafford Treasures in the Attic.” Citizens brought in artifacts, photos and papers to have curators, historians, and experts examine and photograph them.

June 25, 2014     The Foundation launched their website and virtual museum.