Bibliography A Stafford County reading list


Reading & Source List

Abercrombie, Janice L. and Slatten, Richard. Virginia Revolutionary Publick Claims. Iberian Publishing Co., 1992

A useful compilation of claims for personal property utilized or taken by troops during the American Revolution.

Benz, Katherine. The Tolson family of Virginia and Missouri, Including Related Lines of Combs, Harrison, Bullitt, Ratcliffe, and Herndon. Wise Publishers, 1990

A useful reference for several old Stafford families.

Boogher, William F. Stafford County, Virginia: Overwharton Parish Register, 1720-1760. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2000

This is a slightly different version of the Overwharton Parish Register from that compiled by George H. S. King.

Brent, Chester H.. The Descendants of Coll. Giles Brent, Capt. George Brent, and Robert Brent, Gentlemen, Immigrants to Maryland and Virginia. Tuttle Publishing Co., 1946

This is the classic resource on the Brent family of Stafford County, Virginia.

Conner, Albert Zabel . History of Our Own; Stafford, Virginia. Donning Company Publishers, 2003

A comprehensive study of Stafford’s history from dinosaurs to the present day.

Conner, Jane. Lincoln in Stafford. Parker Publishing, LLC, 2006

This book studies Lincoln’s six different visits to Stafford, totaling fourteen days.

Conner, Jane. Sinners, Saints, and Soldiers in Civil War Stafford. Parker Publishing, LLC, 2009

This book tells the stories about six different people: General Sickles, Princess Salm-Salm, Clara Barton, Dr. Mary Walker, Walt Whitman, and General Howard who visited Stafford.

Conner, Jane H. Birthstone of the White House and Capitol. Donning Company Publishers, 2005

An in depth study of quarrying on Brent’s Island and its purchase by the U.S. Government Island for the creation of the White House and Capitol.

Coppage, A. Maxim and Tackitt, James W. Stafford County, Virginia, 1800-1850. Self-published, 1982

A useful compilation of tax and census records including the important 1850 census.

Eby, Jerrilynn. Laying the Hoe: a Century of Iron Manufacturing in Stafford County, Virginia. Heritage Books, Inc., 2003

A study of the iron industry that dominated Stafford’s economy during the 18th century. Stafford was home to two of colonial America’s largest iron making facilities. One of these brought George Washington’s father to the county and the other was a major producer of weapons and supplies for the American Revolution.

Eby, Jerrilynn. They Called Stafford Home: the Development of Stafford County, Virginia from 1600 until 1865. Heritage Books, Inc., 1997

An easy to read volume on people and places in old Stafford with a focus on land tracts, mills, and industries.

Eby, Jerrilynn. Men of Mark: Officials of Stafford County, Virginia, 1664-1991. Heritage Books, Inc., 2006

A listing of people who held elected or appointed positions in Stafford government from the county’s formation in 1664 until 1991. The volume also includes lists of those holding business, tavern, liquor, and ferry licenses as well as postmasters of the county’s many post offices. A great deal of biographical information is also provided.

Eby, Jerrilynn. Land of Hogs and Wildcats: People and Places of Lower Stafford County, Virginia. Heritage Books, Inc., 2013

A detailed study of land tracts, mills, and industries from Potomac Run southward to the Rappahannock River. The volume includes material on Falmouth as well as biographical information on many of Stafford’s early citizens.

Eby, Jerrilynn. The 45th Regiment of Virginia Militia: Stafford County, Virginia, 1781-1856. Heritage Books, Inc., 2011

A compilation of Stafford’s militia records that are housed at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. The volume includes a great deal of biographical information on many of the militiamen listed.

Fisher, Therese A. . Marriage Records of the City of Fredericksburg, and of Orange, Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties, Virginia, 1722-1850. Heritage Books, Inc., 1990

Early marriage records for the local region.

Fisher, Therese A. . Records of the City of Fredericksburg and the County of Stafford, Virginia, 1851-1900. Heritage Books, Inc., 1994

Marriage records for the local region.

Fitzgerald, Ruth Coder. A Different Story: a Black History of Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania, Virginia. Unicorn Publishing Co., 1979

A study of free and enslaved African Americans in the local region.

Fleming, Lt. Col. Charles A., Austin, Capt. Robin L., Braley, Capt. Charles A. . Quantico: Crossroads of the Marine Corps. Historical and Museums Division, Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps, 1978

A history of the Quantico Marine Corps base that includes information on Stafford County.

Gray, Gertrude E. . Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants. Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987

A four volume set that includes land grants and patents for Stafford County.

Griffin, William E.. One Hundred Fifty Years of History along the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad. Whittet and Shepperson, 1984

An excellent resource on the railroad that helped define Stafford County.

Harris, Mary K. and Jorgensen, Mary I.. James Stark of Stafford County, Virginia and his Descendants.. Self-published, 1985

A valuable reference for the Stark and related families in Stafford.

Harrison, Fairfax. Landmarks of Old Prince William. Gateway Press, Inc., 1987

An outstanding reference for early Stafford County from which Prince William was cut.

Hayden, Horace E.. Virginia Genealogies. Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979

This is a classic resource on several of Stafford’s early families.

Joyner, Peggy S. Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, 1710-1780, vol. 3. Self-published, 1986

An essential reference for early grants, patents, and families in Stafford.

King, George H. S.. The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, 1723-1758. Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1986

An annotated version of the Register of Overwharton Parish. The volume includes a history of the parish as well as biographical notes on important early families.

Krick, Robert K.. 9th Virginia Cavalry. H. E. Howard, Inc., 1982

History of the 9th Virginia Cavalry which was largely comprised of men from Stafford County. Includes a membership roll and biographical information.

Moncure, Thomas M. and Pynn, Molly A.. The Story of Aquia Church. The Aquia Church Association, 2000

The history of this 18th century house of worship. The volume includes a listing of burials current to the time of printing

Musselman, Carl P.. Musselman-Powell and Bowling Families of Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties, Virginia. Bookcrafters, 1994

An extremely useful resource for old families in the northern part of Stafford County.

Musselman, Homer D. . Stafford County in the Civil War. H. E. Howard, Inc., 1995

Musselman, Homer D.. Veterans and Cemeteries of Stafford County, Virginia. Bookcrafters, 1994

A useful reference book for Stafford’s cemeteries. The book also includes lists of known veterans from several wars.

Musselman, Homer D.. 47th Virginia Infantry, second edition. New Papyrus Co., 2010

History of the 47th Virginia Infantry which was largely comprised of men from Stafford County. Includes a membership roll and biographical information.

Musselman, Homer D.. The Caroline Light, Parker and Stafford Light Virginia Artillery. H. E. Howard, Inc., 1992

A history of these Civil War units that were in part comprised of Stafford County residents.

Nugent, Nell M. . Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Virginia State Library, 1979

An essential reference for Stafford’s early land grants and patents. This is a multi-volume set.

Peyton Society of Virginia. Peytons of Virginia II, vol. 2. Gateway Press, Inc., 2004

An extensive genealogy of the Peyton family of Virginia.

Pippenger, Wesley E.. John Alexander: a Northern Neck Proprietor—His Family, Friends, and Kin. Gateway Press, 1990

An excellent reference for Stafford’s Alexander family and their relatives.

Schools, Norman. Virginia Shade: an African American History of Falmouth, Virginia. iUniverse, 2012

A history of free and enslaved African Americans in Falmouth, Virginia. Copiously illustrated.

Tilp, Frederick. This was Potomac River. Self-published, 1978

An outstanding study of life on the Potomac River.

Vogt, John and Kethley, T. William. Stafford County, Virginia Tithables: Quit Rents, Personal Property Taxes and Related Lists and Petitions, 1723-1790. Iberian Publishing Co., 1990

An extremely useful compilation of quit rents, personal property tax records, and several petitions covering much of the 18th century.

Watkins, C. Malcolm. The Cultural History of Marlborough, Virginia. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1968

A report on the archeological study done at by the Smithsonian at Marlborough and on the south side of Potomac Creek. Illustrated.

Wayland, John W. . Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934. Iberian Publishing Co., 1990

This history of the Hopewell Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) includes important information about Stafford’s Quakers.