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Kidnapping of Pocahontas

While Pocahontas was at Indian Point, English Sea Captain Samuel Argall, decided this was the perfect opportunity to kidnap the Indian princess.  He was hoping this move would encourage Powhatan to free English prisoners. According to tradition, Argall went to Japazaws, “Ye King of Patowmeke,” and said if his wife would lure Pocahontas onto his boat anchored at the point, he would give her a copper kettle.  

Antebellum Stafford

“Antebellum” is the period of time prior to the Civil War, approximately from 1830-1860.  Historians study that time and take in consideration the population and the political climate in slave-holding Virginia.

Large Colonial and Revolutionary enterprises in Stafford, such as Iron Forges/Furnaces as well as Stone Quarries, used slave labor.  


The Patawomecks were among the first Amerindian tribes encountered by English arrivals in America.  At the time of Virginia’s first explorations, they subsisted by harvesting fish from the Potomac and its many tributaries in present day Stafford & King George Counties.