VIRTUAL MUSEUM An online collection of Stafford history and artifacts

Modern History

Stafford continues to create its own history with Stafford Hospital, its Regional Airport and its own branch of the University of Mary Washington.

Langley and Quantico

Samuel P. Langley launched airplanes from Stafford’s shore. Quantico Marine Base is established.

Stafford Artists

Stafford artists, Gari
Melchers and Palmer
Hayden are world renowned.

Trail to Freedom

Over 12,000 self-emancipated former slaves traveled through
Stafford on the “Trail to Freedom.”

Civil War

Over 230,000 Union and Confederate soldiers are
in Stafford during the Civil War.

Government Island Quarry

Government Island Quarry contributed stone which helped create
the White House and U.S. Capitol.


Accokeek Furnace and Hunter’s Forge played an important role in American history.

George Washington and George Mason

Stafford youths, George Washington and George Mason,
redefined liberty.

Pocahontas and Native Americans

Pocahontas, Indian princess,
lived in Stafford. Captain John
Smith wrote about its Native


Dinosaurs roamed Stafford 110
million years ago