Gratitude for Resolution


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Prehistory and Native Americans

Gratitude for Resolution

Chief “Two Eagles” Robert Green wrote the following letter of gratitude in appreciation of the Resolution making the Patawomeck Indians an official Indian Tribe of Virginia:

With  the passage of House Joint Resolution 150, the Patawomeck Indians of Virginia are now the ninth formally recognized tribe in Virginia.  We have many people to thank for this successful conclusion to our journey.  Speaker of the House William Howell is foremost on the list. His commitment to our cause clearly showed a belief in our people.

There are several others whose constant encouragement and assistance kept us moving, even when we grew weary. Stephen Gambaro, Dr Danielle Moretti-Langholtz and Buck Woodward kept us looking forward and never looking back.

Finally, your Tribal Council’s hard work and dedication to State Recognition for our people cannot be discounted.  Even when the odds seemed long, and some grew tired, there was always someone to cheer us on.

There are some that think our journey is over,  but in reality, our journey has only begun.  We must continue to preserve our culture and restore our language. We must work with the other tribes in Virginia to ensure that the correct history is taught in our schools.  Our young people must be encouraged to learn about their ancestors.  Finally we must not allow our people to hide for another 400 years. We should take pride in who we are and where we came from. Never forget, that without your ancestors, Jamestown may not have made it. Without Jamestown, there may not be a United States of America, the greatest country that ever existed.

Thank all of you for your help, encouragement and support these last 16 years.

Robert Green, Chief