Recognition: “Keepers of the Knowledge”


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History Lives in Stafford

Recognition: “Keepers of the Knowledge”

The Stafford County Historical Society maintains a program of recognizing its members who have widely contributed to the development, identification and preservation of data, sites and events of strong historical significance.

The Keepers of the Knowledge Program recognizes individuals “whose dedication, special witness, and enduring contributions are a vital link in recording and understanding our local, regional and national history.” As conceived by Stephen A. Gambaro (in photo) and based on American Indian traditions, the program has honored community members who seek knowledge and preserve our common history by passing it on to successive generations. Keepers continue to serve as consultants and advisers to the Stafford County Historical Society and its education and preservation activities.

Each Keeper is recognized with a photographic portrait. Press the “Picture Gallery” to see each Keeper. The photographs, along with small biographies, are presently on display in the Stafford Hospital Center’s education wing.