Kidnapping of Pocahontas


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Prehistory and Native Americans


Kidnapping of Pocahontas

While Pocahontas was at Indian Point, English Sea Captain Samuel Argall, decided this was the perfect opportunity to kidnap the Indian princess.  He was hoping this move would encourage Powhatan to free English prisoners. According to tradition, Argall went to Japazaws, “Ye King of Patowmeke,” and said if his wife would lure Pocahontas onto his boat anchored at the point, he would give her a copper kettle.  The plan worked and once aboard the boat, Pocahontas was seized and locked in the gun room for a trip back to Jamestown.  Unfortunately for Argall, Powhatan did not free the English.  Pocahontas remained with the English and was taught Christianity and the English language by John Rolfe. She later married Rolfe.    Picture, Virginia Historical Society